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Resume Overload Solution

Flashpoint PROSCREEN

Our Customized Applicant Screening Service...

One of the most difficult challenges for hiring managers and recruiters is an overload of resumes (many of which do not meet the requirements for the position). Post a job on any of the online job boards and you are sure to get responses, but do you have time to sift through hundreds of resumes to find the right fit? We have the solution...

  1. Send the resumes to us. You can forward the applications to us once you receive them, or set up your job posting to route responses to us directly.
  2. We will evaluate the resumes based on qualification guidelines you give us.
  3. We will screen and interview qualified candidates and provide you with detailed notes related to our dialogue with each applicant.
  4. We will administer customized assessment tests to verify candidate competencies.
  5. We will then present you with a short-list of qualified candidates who have been pre-screened, pre-qualified, and who have demonstrated interest in continuing to the next step of the interviewing process.

That's it... it's that simple... rather than wasting valuable time screening 300 candidates for a job, let us narrow it down to ten or fifteen highly qualified candidates who are ready to go. Why didn't anyone think of this before??... For more information on PROSCREEN contact us today